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Various Scalp Issues And Its Treatment

We all suffer with some or the other scalp issues. There were times when our grandmothers and mothers used to have good and healthy hair days

There was no sign of itching on the scalp, scaling and nor even the slightest sign of any hair problem. But those were the “then” days. Today, because of varieties of shampoos available in the market, it’s easier to deal with these scalp issues.

Not only women but even men are facing these issues today. Imagine, you’re in a middle of your work at your workstation, and you start itching your scalp, or your hand is invariably going to your hair/scalp – this might not be good news for you. This itch might be the reason for several scalp issues that you might suffer from. It is high time that you need to run to your dermatologists to get your scalp checked.

Here are some scalp troubles and their causes that can save you from.

  1. Psoriasis – this is a rare but a common a scalp disease. Not to be mistaken with the liver problem with the same name. This disease affects hardly 2 percent of the entire population, but it can be seen easily. Anyone can get this scalp disease. Psoriasis is a pink rash that appears on top of the skin with silvery grey scales. The bad news is that it can spread to any part of your body – from head to toe as well. A renowned dermatologist will tell you that this skin disease is the most difficult one to cure as well as to deal with.

Treatment – It is all about relieving symptoms. To start with, the doctors give steroids that can relive the itch and the pain. There is no cure to this skin disease that is why it is called to be the toughest to deal with. Regular medication can help relieve the itch and the pain.

  1. Folliculitis – These are scattered pus bumps that form on the scalp. The primary cause is nothing but hair inflammation. This disease is caused by heavy shaving or any fungal infection and bacteria, potent hair dyes and heavy sweating.

Treatment – To confirm that you have folliculitis, the doctor may ask you to have a culture test to check for bacteria. In case the scalp woes are caused by a microbe, he might give you an oral antibiotic or a topical medicine for the treatment. Anti-inflammatory medicines can be given in case of mild infection.

  1. Seborrhoic Dermatitis – The “Seb derm” as called by a maximum number of doctors and the dermatologists. This scalp disease is nothing but itchy patches with greasy scales of excessive dandruff. This isn’t contagious but can spread and so it can be embarrassing if it is seen on the scalp or near the neck or behind the ears. Because this is not a contagious disease, it can be cured with medication. Unfortunately, it gets triggered with every changing season. For some it can the chilly, dry winters that can cause the problem to arise while for others it can be heavy sweating and excessive sweat and oily scalp that give rise to this problem.

Treatment – It can be treated dermatologically. There are anti-yeast and antifungal shampoos and oral and medicines that your doctors might prescribe you.

  1. Hair loss – This is one the commonest of all hair and scalp issues that 95 percent people face and complain too. There is no age group. Hair loss can happen to any age group. There are many reasons for hair loss. It can be any random reason for anyone for hair loss. Some primary reasons for this common problem are – stressful life, stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, various medications can also be the reason for some. Even though there are treatments available for hair loss, this comes as a shock and is super de-stressing seeing your hair fall.

Treatments – if your hairs are falling in great density or the volume of your hair is decreasing at an alarming rate, you need to get a thorough check up of your profile. This includes testing of hair follicle and blood tests as well. It is highly possible that not only the high levels of hormones are the result of this problem, but it can also be some health issues that affect your hair to fall. You will be prescribed proper medication for this. However, this is a very common hair problem, yet the treatment differs from person to person.

Besides, these some scalp issues are also caused by shampoos and conditioners. It is quite probable that not every shampoo suits you. Thus you need to take good care of yourself and your hair and scalp. An excellent hair spa once a month is highly recommended. Oil your hair regularly and wash with mild shampoos or with those that are dermatologically tested.

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