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Top 10 Health Risks for Men – Beware of them!

Lack of awareness, weak health education, unhealthy work and personal lifestyles have resulted in bad health

It has caused steady deterioration of the well being of men. Here is a list of few of the common diseases one can witness in men. These can be reduced with some simple precautions.

The common diseases that can risk men are as follows:

  1. Heart Health

Heart diseases can be varied in nature, but all of it be fatal, serious if they go undetected. Going by the stats stroke targets more than a million men. High blood pressure is a common ailment for men under 45. Resorting to routine check-ups can help in regularizing this. A medical practitioner can calculate the risk of cardiovascular diseases based on various risk factors, including blood pressure, lifestyle habits, cholesterol, drinking, and smoking habits.

  1. COPD and other Respiratory Diseases

Quite many of the respiratory diseases start with a simple unaware “smoker’s cough”. With the passage, of time this cough could be the grounds for lung cancer, emphysema, COPD, or any other respiratory diseases. The diseases affect the stamina and breathing ability of the lungs.

Each year more and more men are being diagnosed with lung cancer. Exposure to hazards like asbestos or pollution increases the risk, smoking continues to be the most prominent cause of lung cancer.

  1. Alcohol- Enemy in Disguise

As per researches and surveys, more men are admitted to hospitals due to alcohol. Also, the number of deaths due to alcohol is higher amongst the men. Alcohol consumption also results in increased aggression as well as may result in sexual assault against women. Alcohol consumption increases the risk for cancer of mouth, liver, throat, colon, and esophagus. Alcohol is also the leading cause of impotence and infertility and also affects the production of hormones. Alcohol also triggers anxiety and various other mental disorders so the rate of suicide amongst men than women when committed to alcohol.

  1. Depression & Suicide

As per surveys at least 6 million men suffer from depressive disorders, along with depressive disorders. To avoid this situation going for regular exercises, or just a mild walk in some park can be helpful. Even communicating with friends and family or seeking professional help could be of help. If a man is suffering from these disorders stay with him and try to calm him, these are the small help that can go long way in helping them to recover.

  1. Unintentional Injuries & Accidents

Various unintentional injuries could result in death. This could be drowning, traumatic brain injuries and firework-related mishaps. Motor vehicle death or road accidents is higher in men than in women. Male members are also more prone to fatal occupational injuries.

  1. Liver Disease

The liver is about the size of a football, it functions in the digestion of food and absorption of nutrition. Liver diseases include cirrhosis, viral hepatitis, genetic liver diseases, bile duct cancer, liver cancer and alcoholic liver disease. Consumption of alcohol and tobacco could also increase the chances of developing liver disease.

  1. Diabetes

Diabetes is emerging as a major threat amongst men, if not untreated at the right time, it might result in nerve or kidney damage, can cause heart disease, stroke, eyesight issues or imputation of toes or fingers. It might result in anxiety or increased depression.

  1. Influenza & Pneumonia

Influenza and pneumococcal infections are two major diseases for men. Men with weak immune systems can happen because of diabetes, COPD, congestive heart failure, AIDS, sickle cell anemia, or autoimmune diseases are more prone to these diseases.

  1. Skin Cancer

Men are more prone to deaths due to skin cancer than women. Protecting skin from harmful UV rays of the sun is the only way to avoid skin cancer. Adapting proactive approach to health can save from these diseases.

  1. Aids & HIV

Men infected with HIV might not realize it since the initial symptoms are minor flu or cold. Several researches have shown that the highest rate of having HIV infections is in African-American men compared to all other men.

You can consult a doctor to know how to treat them as well as prevent them. Better to change your habits and lifestyle now, rather than dealing with any of these diseases later.

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