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Tips To Get Pregnant Faster!

Is it the time when you want to become a mother and looking for ways to fasten the process?

Well, we will share few tips to accelerate your chances of being a mother and getting pregnant fast.

Simple steps can make it easier for you to get pregnant or at least maximizes the chances of it every month. In addition to making love during the most fertile days, you need to have a check on your diet, weight and how often you have sex.

A healthy couple on an average have the chances to conceive between 10 to 20% in every cycle. There is no guarantee how fast or how late you will get pregnant but following these steps would surely help you in many ways.

Health Tips

Here are few tips which women need to follow if she wants to get pregnant.

  1. See your gynecologist

t is always beneficial to get yourself checked up by a doctor before you plan to conceive. If you are suffering from any medical problems which could be a hindrance in getting you pregnant, the doctor will take care of that.

If you are older than 35 years or in case, you have failed to get pregnant in the last six months it is general advice to see a gynecologist. Women above 35 years should be under a doctor’s guidance for at least 12 months for guidance to get pregnant and conceive a healthy baby.

  1. Stop taking birth control measures as soon as possible

It is obvious that if you want to have a baby, you need to stop using any birth control measures immediately. Some medicines taken for birth control may remain in the body and interfere with your fertility for the first couple of months. It can also affect your hormones. It is advisable to stop these birth control pills much ahead of the time when you plan to conceive a baby. Using condoms is a better way at this time instead of using the pills.

  1. Stop smoking

Smoking reduces fertility tremendously. If a male or a female or both are smokers, it doubles the infertility rate as compared to non-smokers. The eggs are not produced at highest speed if the woman does not quit smoking.

  1. Quit alcohol

Alcohol can cause problems with ovulation and your fertility. You would have to quit alcohol once you are pregnant so why not do it before it.

  1. Stay at a healthy weight

If either the men or women are overweight, they will find it difficult to conceive a baby. Having a healthy weight optimizes your chances of getting pregnant faster.

  1. Do away with stress when you want to get pregnant

It is one of the most important tips to consider. Once months start passing by without you conceiving, it might stress you out. You need to keep yourself relaxed and keep trying to get pregnant. Stress would minimize your chances to get pregnant considerably.

Eating Habits Tips

  • If you are suffering from eating disorders, making it difficult for you to get pregnant, get some help to deal with it. Eating disorders can lead to irregular periods which result in difficulty in conceiving.
  • Some studies show that caffeine leads to infertility. Thus, it is advised to cut back on your caffeine intake or give it up entirely.
  • Eating a healthy diet is the most important key to get pregnant. Remember this, since it will help you to keep a check on your weight as well as maintain the shape of your body and make it easier for you to get pregnant.

Sperm Count Tips

There are few tips which men can also follow to increase the chances of conceiving.

  • Having sex too often or overdoing it can drop the man’s sperm count. This would make it harder for a woman to get pregnant. On the contrary, some studies suggest that more sex is always better than less. Consult a doctor to get proper insight in your case.
  • Females who douche decrease the chances of getting pregnant soon. It is also said that the process stops the sperms. Don’t douche.
  • It is advised to avoid lubricants while having sex. Using lubricants changes the balance in the vagina and keeps the sperm away from the egg.
  • Sperm counts can go low if a man is wearing very tight fitted clothes get your man to avoid such tight clothes.

The Right Time

  • You need to know your cycle well and your high fertile times. Plan to have sex during those best times.
  • Have sex couple of days before during and a couple of days after the ovulation day to have the best chances of conception.

Keep in mind the above-given tips, as they would help you in getting pregnant soon and give you the bliss of motherhood.

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