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Tips to Breastfeed after having a C-section!

Becoming a mother is the best feeling a woman can experience in her life. Motherhood gives her the feeling of bliss which comes after going through a lot of pain

A woman can have a healthy delivery, or a C-section to give birth to her child.

Having a C-section comes with many pros and cons. The first thing that comes to the mind is that, does having a C section affect the ability to nurse and feed a baby. Here we bring you 5 things you should know about after you have gone through a c-section.

  • You can breastfeed right after birth

If it is possible, you should try to breastfeed immediately after giving birth to a baby. Regional anesthesia, called epidural, should be opted for C-section rather than using the general anesthesia. Nowadays doctors mostly use epidurals. This would help you feed the baby immediately, but you may also need the assistance of a nurse, midwife or your partner to help you and support you and the baby while feeding.

  • Painkillers and antibiotics may affect on the milk

After delivering the baby, you may be kept under medicines through IVs and pills. These medicines are useful while you are nursing your baby without much side effects. Though, they might make your baby a bit more sleepy. The benefit of painkillers is that they help in relaxing your pain as well as muscles enough which would help you breastfeed and also increase and stimulate milk production.

  • Try different holds while you heal

It would be painful for you on the tummy if you take your baby in a traditional cradle hold while feeding. It is advised that you take the baby in the football hold where the baby is placed beside you, and you can feed the baby while lying down a nurse or lactation consultant will be able to guide you on more natural breastfeeding positions for you.

  • Get extra help at home

When you have gone through a c-section, it will give you pain while walking, lifting the baby, looking after the older kids you have. It is imperative that you get someone to help you with your housework as well as baby care in the initial weeks after delivery. Take help from your spouse or relatives with the daily house chores.

  • Keep feeding

Delivery through a cesarean operation can leave you tired, exhausted and in pain. But still, it is vital for you to nurse your baby within 2-3 hours of birth to prevent engorgement. You should also keep in mind that the more you feed, the more you produce milk which would be helpful for the growth of the baby. So keep feeding in spite of your pain and exhaustion.

Always remember that your baby is your priority and you need to look after him with utmost care. Anything you decide on doing, take the advice of the doctors or health professionals and then act on it. Safe guidance and advice from the doctors would always prove useful for your baby.

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