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Tips To Baby Proof Your Child’s World Till He Turns 2!

Starting from the birth of baby till he/she is 2 years old, your child learns a lot of things

Each day he discovers a different skill which keeps him busy. He starts experimenting, touching, watching and even react in the same way as he sees the adults responding.

While experimenting, your baby never thinks twice that it can harm him/her, thus require extra attention from the parents, so that he won’t get trapped in a difficult situation. Today, in this blog we will discuss the problems that can occur during this phase and how to protect your baby from any problem.

Problems from birth to age 1

  • Sleeping injuries and the risk of SIDS

A new baby must be safe while sleeping, if you are a new parent, then you must choose the blankets that are specially made for the babies. Make sure that your baby must sleep on his back to avoid the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant death syndrome).

During this phase of your infant’s life, you must share your bed with your infant to watch him while sleeping and feeding him.

  • Falling

Starting from the birth, babies generally fall that can result in severe problems, at times, and can harm the babies. To prevent that you must stay close to your baby, observing him/her now and then.

  • Choking

Babies always try to put everything in their mouth that can harm him and can result in choking. To avoid such situation, you must keep the small objects away from the reach of your baby.

  • Injuries that are related to the car or car seat injuries

Babies can get injured while they are in the car, so to prevent such injuries, you must put on the safety belt while traveling through a car or a cab.

Injuries that babies can get at the age of 1-2

  • Burns

During the age of 1- 2, babies tend to stand on their own and start walking too. At this age, they can get injuries like burn by touching anything hot. So keep all the hot stuff away from them.

  • Drowning

Never let the kids alone while they are bathing which leads to the risk of drowning. If you are soaking your babies in a bathtub, then just make sure that the tub is not as big as compared to the height of your baby.

Keep these small things in mind, and you can easily provide your kiddo a baby proof world till he turns 2 and even after that.

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