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Things You Should Know About Testicular Cancer

The word cancer itself is terrifying and thinking to have it is even more frightening. The symptom of this very horrifying disease is not simple

Such complex symptoms and even complex treatment have proven to be far more terrible. People suffering from this disease have faced frightening consequences when they known about its signs. It is not easy to fight this every day. But, it is advisable to know the symptoms of this frightening disease.

In this world, people have cancer – there are various types of this dreadful disease. Some are prevalent forms of cancer, whereas some are quite rare. The ratio, today is like four people have cancer out of 10. However, there is another form of cancer that though is very rare, yet it is advisable to know about it. Testicular cancer – yet a rare type but is scary in itself. Research states that this cancer is very likely to hit the youngsters. This strikes people between the ages of 15 to 40. In fact, 79 per cent of the males suffer from this type of cancer who is young.

Though many types of cancer can be treated, still cannot be cured entirely. The tenure of your life reduces if you have cancer. But the good news here is that “testicular cancer” is treatable. Though it cannot be cured, if not diagnosed in its initial stages. Another research tells that approximately 92 to 95 men out of 100 were cured from this horrific disease. According to SEER research, 99 percent of males have beaten this disease while they were diagnosed at its very initial level, their chances to live five more years increased.

Here are a few things that you should know about testicular cancer, so that you can beat this deadly disease.

Some common and some not so common symptoms

  1. In several cases, testicular cancer can be diagnosed in the initial phase since one can observe its most common trait, i.e., having a lump on the testicle. But this is not the only sign. You need to be more aware.
  2. Even if you do not have any lump on your balls; you will get that heavy feeling in your lower abdomen and your testicles too. You will get to know that this is something that you have never experienced – this is something not so regular. Doctors describe this heavy feeling of pressure is likely due to the fluid that has been accumulated in your lymph.
  3. Another cause of this heaviness is the enlarged lymph nodes. So when you feel something different for quite a long time, it is advisable that you get it checked.
  4. While we are talking about fluid being accumulated in the lymph nodes, here is another sign which can be seen. Change in size of your testicles. You can notice this change in size. This is not at all normal. It is undoubtedly a sign of testicular cancer. The reason is that this change occurs due to hormonal imbalance or fluctuating estrogen levels in a man’s body.
  5. This cancer causes swelling in your legs. Now swelling in the legs can be mistaken to be a cause of any other health-related issue. But when you suffer from this swelling, it is termed as thrombosis. It is definitely a cause of testicular cancer.

How to treat this?

Researches tell that this type of cancer can be treated and cured – through the procedure and the treatment is not at all a cake walk. However, according to the doctors, this can be treated and cured if diagnosed in its initial phase. People have got many years to live and have fought and beaten this deadly disease.

Visit your gynecologist if you feel or notice any irregular or unnatural feeling or symptom in any part of your body. It is advisable not to delay the diagnosis process once you see something “not so natural” in your body. Immediate treatment should be taken if diagnosed with a positive report. If you catch it in its local stage, chances for you to beat this disease are higher and stronger.

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