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Things You Need To Know About The Link Between Your Teeth & Overall Health

Teeth can significantly show the true colours of your personality and overall health profile

Bleeding gums, plague, and other dental problems can reveal the other hidden health problems you might be having. Discolouration, bleeding, and brittle teeth can serve as the symptoms for other serious health diseases like lung cancer, heart problems, etc. that you might be having.

Here are some health disorders linked to your dental problems you should pay attention to.

  1. Vitamin Deficiency

Dental problems can be closely linked to malnutrition especially your body being deficient to vitamins. The lack of vitamin in your diet may make it difficult for your mouth to heal the bleeding gums or be resistant to microbes causing infections. The deficiency of Vitamin A and D lead to weakened teeth enamel while the deficiency of Vitamin Because cracking lips,  gum lining, mouth ulcers and burning tongue. Include a good quantity of carrot, sweet potato, spinach, milk, eggs, seafood like salmon.

  1. Type-2 Diabetes

People with severe gum problems (periodontitis) are more susceptible to develop type 2 diabetes, researchers have shown it. The reason behind this linkage is that those who have diabetes are more prone to infections and thus aggravates the dental problems. Maintain proper oral hygiene and brush twice a day to keep the germs away.

  1. Lung Cancer

People having periodontal disease are at high risk of developing lung cancer. Gum problems plus diabetes might augment the risk of lung cancer furthermore. Researches have shown that the bacteria in oral cavity might be the reason for the proliferation of cancer cells in the lungs. Give special attention to oral hygiene and see the doctor at first place if you show the symptoms of lung cancer.

  1. Cardiovascular Disorders

Gum problems are also associated with heart diseases. The bacteria causing oral disorders can enter the bloodstream and get attached to the fat deposits in the blood vessels causing clots thus increasing the risk of heart attack. People who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases should keep their gums and teeth healthy in order to protect their hearts.

  1. Pregnancy

If you notice your gums bleeding, and swollen, it might indicate that you are pregnant. The hormonal changes during pregnancy causing gingivitis which lead to inflamed and bleeding gums. These oral problems might expose your teeth and gums to other bacteria which when left unattended may lead to plaque and other serious oral problems.

  1. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition when bones tend to become weak and brittle due to low bone density. There is link between osteoporosis and oral problems. People having osteoporosis have low bone density which affects the teeth and exacerbates their breakage. Teeth break hampers the chewing ability of a person and also reduces the confidence and look of that person. Include a right amount of Calcium in your diet to fight osteoporosis and dental problems.

There are several other disorders related to dental problems like sweet tooth, lowered life expectancy, etc. Your duty doesn’t end only by brushing our teeth. You need to pay attention to the toothpaste you use, the number of times you brush, smoke, drink, or any other unhealthy practices that you might be associated with. Ensure that you maintain proper oral hygiene and have a balanced diet for the betterment of your overall health.

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