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Pigmentation – A Common Problem And How To Deal With It

Pigmentation is a common skin problem. Uneven skin tones, dark spots, and patches are the most common form of pigmentation we go through in our day to day life

These patches and dark spots on your skin are mainly caused by excess exposure in the strong sunlight or can also be caused by some underlying skin problem. It is not necessary that we have pigmentation only on our face, it can also appear on other significant body parts like our nose, hands, legs, back, arms, eyes or any part of our body that are left exposed to the sun.

  • Pigmentation on the nose- It is also known as hyperpigmentation, it generally causes from exposure to direct sunlight. Prevention from sunlight helps in fading it from time to time, or else you can go through laser treatment not only this there are some reliable home remedies to do yourself by which these scars can gradually fade out, but you need to be patient and follow a proper skincare routine.
  • Pigmentation on hands- The other reason beside sun exposure is excess production of melanin mainly found on your back or back of your hands as mentioned above there are laser treatments and medication available for treatment but generally discouraged in general by World Health Organization. It is advisable to apply a proper and suitable sunscreen on the exposed body parts to avoid further increment in pigmentation and follow skin care products to reduce the pigmentation.
  • Pigmentation on legs- It is mainly caused due to the accumulation of fluid in your feet and legs. The veins are not able to carry the blood back to the heart thus resulting in its accumulation which causes pigmentation on legs.
  • Pigmentation on eyes- They are generally caused due to some liquid which is usually present in the eyes. There are specific eye drops to cure this with very little or no side effect, there is also some medication but with the side effect such as blurred vision, there is some laser treatment too but however, it has some limitation, and you don’t get the desired results. It is advisable not to rub your eyes roughly as it brings the melanin together and makes the skin color darker.

The causes of any type if summed up are generally same sun exposure, hormonal issues and over or underproduction of melanin. There are several brands both national and international which provides a lot of help in reducing or brightening these pigmentation and dark patches from the skin.

However, Pigmentation on your face affect only the outer layer not harming the underlying skin, and there is always a possibility of getting rid of these pigmentation based on your choice of laser treatment as they can remove up to 80 percent of the scars, but these treatments also have their pros and cons. These laser treatment helps you to get even skin tone, treat sun damage, treat acne and gives your skin beautiful glow but there are certain disadvantages which one should go through before opting for such treatments cause more powerful the laser treatment to have more potential for side effect and not only this. These treatments can also cause redness of which healing is a time taking the process, and it can even get worse if proper care is not taken.

The pigmentation can fade away naturally also but time is the biggest factor over here. It can take up to three months to two years it always depends on how dark the spot as compared to the color of the surrounding skin. Natural home remedies are also very useful in bringing an adequate change in skin tone and brightening patches, and it also helps in controlling the pigmentation problem further. These scars or pigmentation should however never affect your personality, and your attitude towards life, cause beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and your inner beauty is one which makes you a better person irrespective of these scars.

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