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Nation’s first initiative – Diagnose 2 Cure program for Vitamin-D deficiency

MyMedicineBox introduces Nationwide Vitamin-D Deficiency Awareness Campaign

To serve 1 million people, 2000 locations across all 29 states

The objective of the Campaign is to Prevent, Diagnose and Treat Vitamin-D Deficiency

Mumbai, 15th January, 2018: MyMedicineBox, a full-stack healthcare delivery platform currently focused on medicines delivery and lab tests at home, has introduced a Vitamin–D deficiency check-up and awareness campaign at 2000 locations in the country’s major cities and towns. The campaign will run simultaneously across all 29 states in India; a country where 65-70% of the population is Vitamin D deficient and another 15% is insufficient.

“In the world today where life has become so fast, especially in urban areas, where people are moving from their home to car to air-conditioned offices, they are barely being out in the open absorbing natural sunshine. Thus, the main objective behind the campaign is to spread awareness on getting the Vitamin-D naturally, which is available through daily exposure of Sunlight.” said Mr. Man Mohan Gupta, Mentor from MyMedicineBox.

In order to make the initiative accessible to as many people, the company has currently employed 35 representatives and is in process to hire 100 more professionals in next 3 months. It has also partnered with an advanced diagnostics and pathology lab company Thyrocare for collection of blood samples from homes and offices, and to test it for Hypovitaminosis D, a term for ‘Vitamin-D deficiency’.

“It is shocking to know that more than 10 million Hypovitaminosis D cases in India every year lead to severe health diseases. As most people do not show any symptoms, there is no awareness of the consequences. The campaign is our sincere effort to put a light on this commonly encountered deficiency yet a serious health issue and offer diagnosis and treatment to as many Indians in the comfort of their home or office, all at an affordable cost.” Mr. Gupta added.

The potential health consequences of this epidemic are dangerous since Vitamin-D deficiency is linked to osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure, hair loss, frequent bone fracture after 50 years, chronic pain, arthritis and poor pregnancy outcomes. In severe cases, deficiency can lead to thin, brittle or misshapen bones. In its most extreme form, prolonged and severe Vitamin-D deficiency during childhood, known as rickets, can delay growth and lead to visible skeletal deformities.

Through the execution of the campaign, the experienced phlebotomists will visit homes and collect blood samples of the family members, which will be later checked for Hypovitaminosis D in the lab.  Following the tests, an expert Doctor will analyze deficiency and prescribe the medicines, which will be home-delivered to the patient. Along with receiving Vitamin-D supplements, the patient will also receive their personalized diet chart prepared by an expert Nutritionist. Benefitting from the partners of MyMedicineBox, public will avail the total package which costs more than Rs. 2,000/- at market price, at only Rs. 750, and additionally, payment partner Paytm will even offer a cashback. The initiate is supported by Paytm, Thyrocare and some other corporates.

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