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Mistakes to avoid when you are pregnant!

Pregnancy is the most cherished moment of any woman’s life. She is pampered and loved to maximum levels

It is the phase of her life when she gets care with great enthusiasm to make sure she remains healthy and delivers a healthy baby. The fetus that is growing in her womb is having a safe environment to grow and reaps the benefits of the healthy atmosphere. It is essential as the health of a grown person depends a lot on his health conditions during the time of his/her birth.

There are mistakes that a pregnant lady can make but it is advisable to avoid them. Proper medical advice and knowledge can help her to avoid these mistakes.

Here are some common mistakes that a pregnant lady can commit but need to avoid:

  • Eating for two

As a lady gets pregnant, she is asked to consume extra food on account of the fetus developing in her body, but logically does that tiny fetus require that much of calorie no. The small fetus just needs an additional 300 calories to grow sandlots of nutritional food for developing as a healthy baby.

If you gain more than required weight, there would be complications like preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and many more issues. The correct option is to eat in small controlled portions and consume fruits and increase your intake of proteins.

  • Self Medication

This is the worst mistake a pregnant lady can make, never indulge in self-medication. Any antacids, paracetamol or even creams for acne is not allowed to pregnant ladies. Self-medication can be fatal for you and baby. Even the medicines that are readily available over the counter should refrain. Even any harsh beauty treatments can affect the pregnancy.

Only the medicines that are prescribed by the doctor should be consumed and if those medicines make nauseated then immediately consult your doctor.

  • Lack of sleep

The hormonal and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy demand more rest. Lack of sleep can affect the growth of your baby. Even the most critical fact is that you require adequate sleep to tackle the pain of labor and delivery.

To strike a balance between your work life if you compromise on your sleep, it will have a negative impact on your health and your babies health. Take adequate rest and get involved in pregnancy exercises or simple walks so that you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

  • Not communicating with your baby-bump

It is quite essential to bond with your baby right from the time you conceive. If you do not talk with your baby, it can be stressful for the baby. Talking with the baby bump will stimulate senses in your baby and help in delivering a happy and healthy baby. Put a hand on your tummy and caress the baby and talk to your baby, it will also have a calming effect on you.

  • Avoiding comfort food

If you have specific cravings or sweet tooth and you are avoiding it for health reasons this will not benefit you. It will only increase your anxiety levels and affect the growth of your baby and its well- being. In moderate quantities eat whatever you desire to eat so that you are happy, and so is your baby.

  • Not exercising

If you are not exercising, then it is a wrong thing to be done. Try to involve in exercise as per the recommendation of health experts. Getting involved in small activities can also be rewarding like climbing the stairs or walking to work or just watering the plants. Slowly involve some exercise regime in your lifestyle.

Avoid these silly mistakes and have a healthy pregnancy.

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