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Men’s Health May Be Linked Closely To Their Marriage

Researchers have shown that your health may rely on your marital status and this is true especially in the case of men

As your relationships come and go, the same might be true for the health of your heart. Studies have shown that men with more stable and healthy relationships are healthier than men who are single or have experienced divorce.

How does it work?

  • Married couple seem to enjoy more happiness and celebrate togetherness in comparison to lonely individuals. Women seem to take good care of their husbands and thus the joy and contentment men feel boosts their boosts blood circulation and keeps their heart healthy.
  • Men having a successful marriage seem to have low levels of bad cholesterol, studies have shown. On the other hand, single men or men who have experienced broken relationships tend to be sadder, lonelier and depressed which lowers the health of their cardiovascular system and also affects their mental health. Also according to researches, single men are found to have higher blood pressures than men with good relationships.
  • Bad marriages cause mental stress and I’m balance which affects the overall health and thus single men seem to experience lower health benefits compared to men with good marital status.
  • Marital happiness and satisfaction is closely linked to hypertension and coronary heart diseases. Discontent and stress due to broken relationships or absence of a partner seem to increase hypertension among men.
  • Marriage also seems to have good effects on men suffering from cancer. Studies have shown that married men go to the doctors and get regular check-ups. The cancer treatment responds well to married men. The reason behind this is that in a healthy relationship, wives care more for their husband, encourage them to go to doctors and get treatment and also check their eating habits. As a result of these, men seem to respond positively towards the medications and treatments.
  • Marriage also has positive effects on other health factors of men like improving blood sugar levels, preventing Alzheimer’s disease and most importantly improving their mental health. Married men are found to have less depression than unmarried or widowed men. Men with a healthy and successful relationship also have more satisfaction and stability during their years of retirement.

More elaborate explanations

Unmarried men don’t seem to enjoy good health and happiness and long life due to the following reasons:

  • Biological reasons- Conflicts in marriages produces increased levels of stress hormones like adrenaline which contributes to raising the blood pressure among men. It also increases inflammation in the body which are recently linked to cardiovascular diseases.
  • Behavioral reasons- Men with shattered marriages don’t eat properly. They also don’t exercise and be active. As a result of which they gain weight and accumulate fats in their body.
  • Psychological reasons- Loneliness, stress, depression, anxiety all these are the reasons for unhealthy and broken or no relationships. Men seem to be mentally low and depressed for not having a partner and enjoy the fun of being in a relationship. They also seem to be jealous of men enjoying good relations.

These are some of the researched outcomes and reasons of health being linked with marriage. Although there are men who are single and also enjoy their life and remain happy, still we find very few of them. A happy and satisfied relationship is imperative for the overall health and happiness of men.

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