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Meds to reduce Weight for Type 2 Diabetes

The most people are diagnosed with diabetes is Type 2 diabetes — where pancreas still produces some insulin, but may not be enough for the needs of our body doesn’t use insulin effectively — known as insulin resistance

People with Type 2 diabetes may manage blood sugar through diet and exercise alone. Being overweight increases our chances of developing Type 2 diabetes and losing excess body fat can improve insulin sensitivity. Using weight loss meds, with doctor’s supervision, can help faster weight loss and possibly reverse insulin resistance, making diabetes easier to control.


Sold under the brand names Glyciphage, Glycomet or Cetapin, metformin is a diabetes drug normally used to regulate weight loss in Type 2 diabetics. Metformin decreases the amount of glucose we can absorb from food and the amount of glucose produced by our liver.

By lowering the glucose levels, it helps to manage both blood sugar and insulin. When blood sugar is stable, we have fewer episodes of low blood sugar — and are less likely to overeat. Metformin is helping to eat less, reducing our total caloric intake and managing weight loss. Metformin is not suitable for Type 1 diabetics who do not produce insulin at all but can be used by Type 2 diabetics who use supplemental insulin.


The prescription is required for  Olisat, Lipophage, Lipocut for the weight loss drug that isn’t designed specifically for diabetics but can be used by people with Type 2 diabetes. Olisat works by blocking the enzyme lipase, which our body needs to break down fats in our intestine. Because up to 25 % of the fat in our food passes through our body undigested, those calories are not absorbed; because calories are reduced and weight loss occurs. But Olisat does require a low-fat diet; eat too much fat and we may suffer the side-effects of passing large amounts of undigested fat — oily gassy leakage that can stain our clothing, explosive diarrhoea and uncontrollable bowel movements are possible “treatment effects” of Olisat.


Although it is not a pill,  the generic Exenatide is an injectable drug for diabetes which slows digestion, keeping the food in our stomach for a longer time. The longer the digestive process takes, the more time we can wait before eating again. Eating less often should reduce overall calories consumed and promote weight loss. Slowing digestion also slows glucose production and helps stabilize glucose and insulin levels. There are many such products available in India.

Diabetes and Weight Loss

Maintaining healthy body weight helps us to control our Type 2 diabetes and may even reverse diabetes. Although diet drugs can help in weight loss, eating a healthy and well-balanced diet combined with regular physical exercise is very important. Avoiding both high and low blood sugars – hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia – can help us to avoid cravings for sugar and the dangerous complications of diabetes. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels increase our risk of heart and kidney disease, nerve damage and blindness.


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