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Loss of Y-Chromosomes Can Lead To Early Death in Men

Chromosomes are the way to pass on DNA to the next generation. It is present in the blood cell associated strongly with sexuality

Men have two types of chromosomes present in their body the X chromosomes and Y chromosomes. Studies have shown that with age men start losing the Y chromosomes from the blood cells which may cause cancer and early deaths. The reason for dropping the Y chromosomes from the blood is not yet apparent with the doctors. It is a common thing to happen to men and the life expectancy of men decreases as compared to women suffering from other cancers. Women do not have  Y chromosomes in their body.

The loss of Y chromosomes is an age-related problem which easily explains the decreasing age of men and the death rate at a much younger age as compared to women. It has been analysed by scientists and researchers that men falling In the age of 70 to 84 were followed up to 40 years. Men who had a significant loss of Y chromosomes from their blood cells, which resulted in decreasing their lifespan by 5.5 years as compared to people who did not have any chromosome loss. It has also been determined that men who are suffering from significant loss of Y chromosomes in the blood cells are at a much higher risk of dying from cancer.

The Y chromosomes contain the genes involved in sex determination and sperm production. Apart from the above functions, the genes are also essential in playing a role in preventing tumors which may lead to cancer. Research and findings suggest that Y chromosome loss can be determined through blood tests which help in early detection of cancer.

The loss of Y chromosomes from the blood in a man also leads to Alchemizer, measles, etc. The detection and diagnosis of these are based on clinical symptoms. If the loss of Y chromosomes is timely diagnoses, identifying the signs leading to organizers disease can also be detected which could help the doctors to plan and prevents the development of the disease.

Since losing the Y chromosomes from the blood cells may happen due to increased age, the doctors should always advise a test for the overall betterment of man’s health. Along with that, men should be aware of the consequences of losing the chromosomes so that they can take a step ahead to save themselves from an early death. It is imperative that men are aware of the consequences of the loss of Y chromosomes.

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