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Lifestyle Disorder: alarming yet prevailing!

Obesity, Heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, hypertension!  These inculcate the lifestyle disorders. And, it is a surprise if you have not heard about them.

The present generation knows all about it for more wrong acumen than right. And that acumen is the lifestyle which people follow relentlessly. In accordance with the statistics around the world 14.2 million people between the age group of 30-69 years die prematurely from these diseases.

Children dealing with obesity issues, heart attacks at 40, the prevalence of Diabetes Type 2!  You pick up a newspaper, you are on the social networking site or you are watching the news, these disorders are always trending. And, that is definitely not a good thing.

Types of Lifestyle disorder

Before going into the causes of the lifestyle disorders it will be worth to have a look at the list which inculcates:-

  1. Obesity
  2. Arteriosclerosis
  3. Heart disease
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Swimmer’s ears
  6. Skin cancer
  7. Lung cancer
  8. Stroke
  9. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  10. Cirrhosis
  11. Nephritis


A poor lifestyle choice is attributed to the lifestyle disorder.

  • Smoking- it is surprising and saddening at the same time, that smoking is a habit, not just witnessed in grown ups but the teenagers as well. The ill effects of smoking are based not just by the smoker, but those near him, due to the harmful smoke.
  • Alcohol- you can blame it on the prevalent culture or negligence. The fact is that more and more people are turning to alcohol consumption. The effects are deteriorating for health.
  • Poor diet- the ready to eat food, the beverages, the canned food, the fast food, all of these are associated with a poor diet. Since these are fattening food without any nutrition associated the result is disorders.
  • Lacks of physical activity- in this hustle bustle of life, people are running away from exercise, yoga or morning walk.
  • Stress- satisfaction is the key to a happy life. However, as of present every individual aspires to go past the other. The result is stress. Stress leads to tension and depression.


You must have read many numbers of instances, that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. It is the time that you follow it in your life. The following tips will aid in the process:-

  • Pursue yoga- It is magical. The aasans, the calmness experienced and the fitness which results will ensure a happier and healthier life ahead.
  • Say no- it takes just one firm no for preventing the entry of cigarette or alcohol from your life. These are poisons which have all the capacity to mar your life completely. If you are addicted to it, go ahead and consult a doctor.
  • Maintain a proper diet- this needs to be inculcated as a family rule. Eating plenty of vegetables, green salads, and a good amount of water is the need of your body. Select one day in the week, where you can eat out. For the rest of the day, enjoy home cooked food.
  • Be happy- don’t take the stress. It is alright if you are not able to purchase a new car, a bike or a diamond set or avail that promotion. Do not obliterate the pertinence of good health. Happiness lies with good health.


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