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Aroma-therapy in India and its history

Aromatherapy is a science and art of utilizing the blends of essential oils for healing various ailments. This is being used for centuries in India, even in today’s time, it is being widely used. The Chinese, Egyptian and Indian civilizations have used the ancient ways of aromatherapy for curing various health issues.

The History of Aromatherapy

The word Aromatherapy was coined by a French scientist named Rene-Maurice Gattefossé. He began the study with researching the effects of Lavender oil in the treatment of Gangrene which got healed without any kind of complications.

The essential and fragrant oils used in aromatherapy have the magical ability to beautify, balance and heal or harmonize the human body, mind, and soul. They also have the ability to heal the cell memory that can be absorbed easily through bloodstream instantaneously. The treatment does not leave any kind of toxins behind. Each product formulation would be strengthened by implementing aromatherapy. This is a science which can provide a strong herbal base to the products used.

Aroma-therapy in India

The science of aromatherapy is very old where Egyptians have used some of the oldest oils like Juniper and Myrrh for making healing preparations and perfumes. In India, aromatherapy was included in the Ayurveda medicine, where sandalwood oil has been used for various preparations. Herbal extracts included the aromatic oils that have been used in India as well as other countries and with time various other medicinal plants were discovered. Plants like Lavender and Rosemary were also implemented for healing ailments and giving relief. Thyme and Tea tree aromatic oils were utilized as antiseptics in various wars.

There are several best aromatherapy centres in India that use ingredients which work on the natural system of human skin. The products are based on aromatherapy which works from inside and out of the human body. Some products are combined with finest natural ingredients and herbs that can promote the treatment for the specific needs.

The vibrant art of Aromatherapy is now implemented in every core for relaxing body and soul. These days’ aroma oils are available as aroma candles or oils which can be added to bath waters. The therapy helps in looking after the body by the wonderful diversity of the oils derived from nature gifted plants. The essential oils have the best ability for reviving, relaxing and rejuvenating body and soul.

Since many years essential oils were used for their medicinal value but, with the advent of time, the natural remedies were replaced with the synthetically produced chemicals. But, now again aromatherapy started gaining popularity and is widely being used for treating various health ailments and relaxing the mind in the stress-filled world.

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