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How water helps in losing weight?

Are you in the process of losing weight. It makes you start eating healthy, to watch your proportion, and focus on exercises

But have you thought about what you are drinking? You need to pay attention to your water intake which is majorly responsible for weight loss.

Drinking water accelerates calorie burn, reduces appetite and flushes toxins from the body. It also replaces aerated and sugary drinks helping in cutting down intake of extra calories.

We have heard that one should at least drink 8 glasses of water but the right amount depends on one’s weight and activity levels.

Here are some scientific ways in which drinking water would help you lose weight-

  • Boost the burn without adding exercise

It is not suggested that you don’t exercise, but drinking water burns more calories by doing just what you are already doing. Drinking water boosts metabolism by 30% and its effect, and its impact lasts to 30-40 minutes. Water is known to be an unhealthy calorie food. The body uses more calories to send hydration to cells throughout the body. The same thing happens when you drink water.

  • Curbs your appetite

Water is a natural and a significant appetite suppressant. Just drinking a glass of water when you feel hungry will curb your hunger. It makes you feel full so that you won’t eat much. Statistics say that the weight loss progresses and increases if you drink water before your meals as you tend to eat less later. It is still not known why water has a filling effect and suppresses appetite.

Signs of hunger indicate that you are dehydrated and the next time you feel less energetic, dizzy or a grumbling stomach drink water instead of grabbing a snack. It is a way for the body to tell you that you are thirsty. If you drink water before your meal, do it 30 minutes before eating. Excessive water in the digestive system results in diluting the enzymes that are important for the process and absorbing the nutrients from your food.

  • Workouts improve when you are hydrated

You will experience minor muscle cramps if your body is adequately hydrated. Your joints are well lubricated and help you to work out more efficiently. The heart pumps blood more efficiently to the muscles when the body is hydrated. This is a significant factor for overweight people.

Your body will feel good when you are mobile, and you exercise more. To burn those extra calories, it is advised to drink a full glass of water, 15 minutes before you start working out. Continue drinking 8 ounces every 13 minutes while you are sweating because of workouts.

  • Drinking water may help you eat healthy foods

People who drink more water have healthy eating patterns. They tend to add fruits and vegetables to the diet and avoid calorie-laden beverages.

  • Drinking ice water increases body metabolism 

When one drinks ice water, the body has to heat itself, before using it. This accelerates burning of calories most resulting in weight loss.

If you want to lose weight, you need to bring some changes in your life. Add water to your life before making any other changes and see the difference soon.

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