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How to Start Introducing your 6-month Old Baby to Food?

A new mother can be totally confused when it comes to feeding their kids

The first 6-months can be easy as the child is on breast milk or formula. But after 6-months, the child will need solid food with lots of proteins to make their growth smooth. Introducing and preparing food for a 6-month baby can be exciting but as well as a bit difficult too.

A few tips for a healthy weaning phase for your child are as follows-

  • Consult your paediatrician when you decide to introduce different forms of solid foods to your child. The doctor should be updated with the food chart you are following.
  • A 3-day gap should be maintained before continuing any food to rule out the possibility of any allergy caused by it to the baby.
  • The first food may confuse a baby since it has been only on milk before that. Force feeding is a total no for the baby as it would make the baby rigid towards eating.
  • Sugar, salt, oil, and spices should be avoided in the food of the baby. A pinch of salt is enough to add to remove the blandness of the food.
  • Breastfeeding should be continued even after 6 months as it contains the most healthy nutrients required by the baby. Abrupt stop to breastfeeding can affect the child physically and mentally too.

A few early solid foods that can be introduced to a 6-month-old baby are as follows:

  • Rice

Rice is high in water content and rich in carbohydrates. It gives a lot of strength to the baby and tops the list of introducing solid foods to a baby. It not only is a filling and healthy food but can be easily digested by a small baby.

The procedure to make mashed rice:

Take a little amount of rice sufficient for the baby and wash it thoroughly for at least 4 to 5 times. Soak it for around half an hour and then cook it in water till it is soft. It should be thoroughly mashed with a fork or spoon. Breast milk or formula can be added to adjust its consistency which would be easy for the baby to eat. A little pinch of salt can also be added for better taste. Mashed rice and mashed potatoes together go well becoming a wholesome meal for the baby.

  • Mashed potatoes

Potatoes are universally loved food which is healthy and also easily digestible. It provides a high content of water to the body as well as carbohydrates and energy which is the most required element during the developing phase of a six-month baby.

The process to make mashed potato:

Peel and cut a medium-sized potato into 4 pieces. It should be cleaned and washed thoroughly and boiled until soft. Mash and bring to consistency with breast or formula milk A Pinch of salt added with a little butter can enhance its taste.

  • Mashed banana/apples

Introduction to fruits is vital for the baby. Apple and banana are fruits very rich in vitamin A, C, and iron. They are easily digestible and are rich in fiber which helps to avoid constipation. These fruits contain several minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus which are very important for the growth of a baby.

Bananas can directly be mashed with the help of a fork and instantly fed to the baby whereas the Apple needs to be pressure cooked with water till it becomes tender. The excess water needs to be discarded and then mashed into a puree.

Vegetables like carrots, sweet potato, avocado, a pear can also be introduced in the same way. Give the baby time to adjust to different tastes. Introduction to various foods slowly will open up the taste buds of the baby, and he will be able to learn to eat healthy food making it easy and stress-free for a mother who would keep wondering which is the best food for her child’s growth.

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