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How to fix your Hair Loss and its causes?

The major bad news for all of us is to experience hair loss and that too at any random age. But the good news is that it is not permanent

Today, when there are so much water and air pollution, you are inevitably going to have a bad hair day – a nasty one. Hair loss or hair fall does not come with age, it has no age group, and it sees no gender. Even the children today are facing these hair fall issues at a very tender age. There are several reasons for it, and there are several solutions too.

Hair fall can be caused due to many reasons. It can happen to anyone – male or female. When you see hair fall in males, you can see a set pattern for it. Generally male goes bald from the centre of his head/scalp. In men, baldness can be seen to start from the receding hairline, resulting in the thinning on the crown, which increases with time. But this is not the case with the females.

How to notice that you are losing your hair?

First of all, let me tell you all – that if you notice a few strands of hair in your comb or while you’re combing your hair, this is entirely normal. Dermatologists tell, in a day, if you see a hand full of hair strands falling while you’re brushing; then this is a natural phenomenon. But, you might freak out if you notice strands or clumps of hair falling while you are washing your head. This is the time when you should know that you are now going to experience something like what you may have heard of till now – hair fall. However, this is not permanent. This can be improved by considering your dermatologists. So the good news is that you can treat your hair loss problems efficiently.

Hair fall can be due to various problems. A few are listed below –

  1. One, it may be a sign of ill health. Your thyroid levels may fluctuate – a low or a high thyroid level can cause your hair to fall. You should be aware of the fact that a proper thyroid level keeps and helps the quality of your hair. But if your thyroid levels are off, then this can be alarming.
  2. Secondly, your hair loss at a very tender age can be a sign of improper nutrition and improper food intake. It is told by the doctors, that even your hair needs proper food and nutrition so that it remains healthy.
  3. Thirdly, the shampoo and the conditioner that you are using suit your hair type or not, this is hardly noticed by anybody. This is also one of the significant reasons for hair fall. The shampoo might not suit your hair type; thus your hair tends to become of poor quality.
  4. Your hair needs proper oiling. Nourishment is as essential for your hair to regulate its shine and length. Thus it comes very necessarily that you should oil your hair regularly or probably twice a week. You can also take proper hair spas that will help to infuse protein and keratin in your hair. This will keep them healthy and bouncy.
  5. If you notice your hair coming out easily every time you comb, this can be a sign of any stressful event. If your stress levels are high, it will release bad hormones that are entirely not acceptable by your body. The first thing that you will experience is your hair loss. Severe physical and emotional stress can trigger this state of hair follicle hibernation, but this fact is entirely not evident that’s why stress triggers your hair follicles immediately.
  6. Infection is also one of the primary reasons that you can lose your hair. Pus bumps, dandruff or ringworms can cause hair to fall. This can be treated with any medicated shampoo and some medicines prescribed by the dermatologists.


If you are on some high dosage of medication, this can also trigger your hair to fall. Though there is a lot of variabilities that how individuals react to any oral medications. You should be aware of all the ways to cure hair fall. Consult your dermatologist immediately, if you notice any sign of hair fall. This should not be delayed. Proper medication and healthy eating habits can surely help to reduce or preferably prevent hair fall.

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