Enjoy Life With Diabetes

How to Beat your Genes when it comes to type 2 Diabetes

There are about 25,000 genes in your body. You usually hear a lot of people saying- “it must be in their genes that he/she is suffering diabetes.”

So these genes carry all the information from the parent to the child. For instance, the eyes of a child are brown, so it must be in his/her genes. It simply means that either of the parents would have had brown eyes. Similar is the case with diabetes or cancer. If any of your parents or their parents have suffered from these health issues, it is likely that the children may get those genes from any of the generations. Since we have more than 25000 genes in our body, it is quite evident that a few of them may carry the cells of these diseases.

So, let’s discuss how to combat such grave health issues and how to avoid these problems.

Though sometimes, your genes determine the traits that you get from your parent, fortunately, these genes do not always carry the entire picture of your body.

  • Keep healthy habits as they play a crucial role in your overall wellness.
  • People who adopt four changes, i.e., stop smoking; consume a diet rich in fruits, veggies, protein, healthy and good fats, and whole grain food, limiting alcohol to less than a drink per week are always on the safer side of getting affected by such diseases.
  • Doing physical activity regularly, also reduces your chances to die for almost 2 decades, due to any cause, as per a study published in an American Journal.

Other disease/health issue that becomes an excuse is that “it was in my genes,” especially for diabetes. Many times, the person does not know about this health problem, until one day when diabetes shoots up vigorously. Usually, people are affected by type 2 diabetes which they get from their parents’ genes, especially from their mothers.

How to combat type 2 diabetes?

Several types of research and studies show that genetics hold a firm place in type 2 diabetes. You can get it easily if either of your parents does have it. And in case of twins, the studies have shown that if one twin gets affected by diabetes, it is quite probable that the other might get affected as well with this health issue. But here is a list of precautions that one can take while letting his work not get affected to prevent it.

  1. Do not sit for too long: allow you to move freely here and there. The more you move, the more energetic you’ll feel. While you’re not slogging or just sitting back idle, this will increase the level of blood sugar in your body because there’ll be no movement in your body and by your body.
  2. Go for a quick walk after you have your dinner: It is advised by the doctors and the councils that you should go for a quick walk every day after your dinner. This will not put you at a higher risk of having diabetes. Strolling for at least 30 minutes, daily, helps you in digestion thus improving and lowering your blood sugar levels.
  3. The best way to of judging and keeping a track on your diabetes is to keep getting it checked once in every three months. This has been advised and recommended by the American Diabetes Association.

Other than this, you should follow a healthy habit and a healthy lifestyle, and you’re sure to defeat these serious health issues that you possibly can get from those parent genes.

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