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How can exercising enhance your sperm quality?

You know it takes time to begin a family if you want to. You are advised to eat healthy food, take a nutritious diet, cut down on smoking as well as on alcohol and of course exercise a lot to keep your weight under check

This needs to be done not only by both men & women. It does not matter that the female needs to carry the baby in her womb, so she is required to keep a check on all the essential aspects of conceiving. Everything depends on a healthy sperm of a male. So it is an equal responsibility on the part of men as well.

As we know, the quality of sperms needs to be on the higher side to conceive. Thus, it is advised by the gynecologists that men should also consume a high protein diet and should cut down on booze to get healthy sperms. Now the researchers have found out a new way to increase the quality of sperms, let’s have a look on it.

Moderate level exercises to high-intensity workouts

The researchers have now proved that average level exercises work the best to enhance the quality of sperms. The previous data was notorious, not so reliable about various activities. This new journal published recently in the Reproduction has valid points to prove that swimmers have the best and healthy sperms.

A German reporter once took a real-time survey which included men from all categories. They were divided into groups, and the study was carried on for 24 weeks to check the real quality of sperms. The group of men included a group in which some men have never done any workout. Then there was a group who was involved in moderate level exercises for about 30 minutes. The third group of men did three weekly 40 to 60 treadmill exercises, and the fourth one was doing rigorous, and high-intensity workouts. Now the question was to examine the quality of sperms after those 24 weeks.

Group 1, the nonexercising group of men had an unhealthy batch of sperms at the end of the survey’s week.

The remaining three groups which were involved in moderate to high-intensity exercises had healthier sperm count as compared to those who were not exercising. They have improvements in their body shape, sperm motility, concentration and also had reduced the rate of oxidate damage to the DNA of sperm cells.

So the main aim at the end of the German’s survey was to examine the quality of sperms.


All the exercises cause inflammation in the lower part of the body. But from all the men who worked out, the healthiest sperms belonged to those who did moderate intensity exercises. They had better and aerobicized sperm counts than those who were involved in a high-intensity fitness regime. These findings are clear that, if you are thinking to have a baby, its time to do some physical activities or hit the gym.

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