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Regulate digestion with these stomach-soothing digestive herbs

Although it’s about 30 feet long, the digestive tract needs smaller helpers, too: acids, enzymes and bacteria all help break down food.

There are some herbs as per Ayurveda that support the function of the liver. They improve the health of the liver. They help pacify Pitta imbalance and decrease liver congestion.

It speeds up the liver detox. It prevents toxins and alcohol to convert into harmful compounds. Curcumin is not advised in cases of congestive heart diseases.

Milk Thistle
It nourishes and strengthens the liver. It prevents liver toxicity during chemotherapy.

Bhumyamalaki (Phyllanthus Niruri)
Bhumyamalaki (Phyllanthus Niruri) is the essential herb for stimulating liver function. Also effective in
treating liver disorders including hepatitis B carriers.

It has many incredible effects within the body, including a liver tonic and is beneficial for liver

Flax seeds powder, pectin and Psyllium husk powder.

These are beneficial sources of soluble fibre. Flax seeds and Psyllium work to smooth the stool. Psyllium also helps to brush clean the walls of the intestines, acting as a broom for your digestive tract. Pectin is a soluble fibre well known for soothing the gut and is sourced from the skins of apples.

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