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Everything you should know about IBS!

We all have that craving to eat something spicy or something junk most of the time. We might also not be able to digest it if we eat a lot too much of junk food

But we still do, just to savour our taste buds that stimulates this so-called taste & craving for  “spicy and junks” all the time. We relish this food, we relish pizzas and pastas and burgers along with a chilled can of soft drink.

“Health and food” are no longer confined to the narrow parameters of an attractive physique; it has taken the form of all-encompassing wellness which is an amalgam of your mind, body and an overall fitness. A sedentary lifestyle and a bad eating habit will take you nowhere but will affect your health and of course your body too.

Whether you’re a fitness freak or you’re known too well to taking a leisurely walk for an hour or so; there’s still no missing on unhealthy food. To the uninitiated beings, it may seem like a well toned and a chiseled body but it is only you who know more than half of the story. There are some things that you tend to eat throughout the day and that you know will take you to your washroom more than once a day.

Too much of cheese or spicy meal & of course that pasta which makes your taste buds go crazy by just a sight of it; if you’re one of them who is going to the washroom more than just once, you’re suffering from what the most of the Americans are suffering from – the Irritable Bowel Syndrome also called as the IBS.

What is IBS?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is something that leads you to your washroom. If you’re the one who’s having the need to go to the loo quite often; if you’re the one who’s suffering from bloating, diarrhea and constipation; you are suffering from IBS. Looking and feeling good or healthy about oneself is what maximum number of people does to themselves. But are you actually feeling good from within? Probably you’re not; because you really do not know what’s happening within you. You might think this to be a normal case. But it is not. It can be related to some sort of underlying cause of hypersensitive nerves in your body that gets irritated when you eat something spicy. This is IBS.

What causes IBS?

Experts and gastroenterologists have confirmed the deep down underlying cause of IBS. People with IBS may appear absolutely normal, their activities are normal; they do not have any symptom that is visible on the outer body. So what is it that raises the question of suffering from IBS? Experts have triggered out that what have exactly triggered the digestive distress in many women that have caused IBS. Here are the sneakiest reasons why your stomach is ticked off.

  1. Some people can call it to be glutton but it is actually dietary fructans that needs to be blamed for your tickled belly and not glutton. When you eat a lot of bread and pasta; the fructans present in it causes IBS to trigger. Thus causing upset stomach while you hog on to it without realizing. Your body isn’t too great about digesting the fructans that reaches your large bowel. The bacteria present there triggers and stimulates and in this process you end up with a bloated belly.
  2. Sugar in liquor may vary greatly while they are served with different types of food. This is quite sure that everything might not suit your digestive system. Thus this combination of liquor being served with different foods ends up creating excess gas and bloating.
  3. The moderation key is that how much your drink. Keep to the bottom line before your drinks land you in your bathroom.
  4. The vitamin D deficiency is also one of the causes of your upset belly and diarrhea or bloating as well. Vitamin D is essential for your gut system to work properly.

Such premiums have put your holistic health on stake. From every aspect of your life, form what you eat to where you live is taken into consideration. A healthy lifestyle is better capable of fighting signs of IBS.

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