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Eating more vegetables prevents diseases

Eating more vegetables is the secret of the longevity of the Indians

Eating more vegetables and less meat helps prevent many diseases , starting with some chronic autoimmune or cardiovascular diseases.

To reveal a multidisciplinary research, coordinated by Professors of the Molecular Biology Service, performed through the study of the bacteria found in the dental plaque of the Indian male and female.

Particularly , diet – related oral bacterial analysis revealed a substantial difference between current Indian people and those of 200 years ago.

The correlation between what we eat and the diseases we can contract is strong: an important discovery made through an innovative methodology.

“The extraction of the dental plaque of our ancestors – explains experts – allows us to study the information we get, without destroying our teeth and bones. The bacterial community surrounding our body is called microbiota, and in the mouth it consists of more than 800 different bacterial species. ”

The eating habits of the Indians , specifies “have undergone a drastic change from the Fifties onwards, leading to an alteration of the microbiota of the oral cavity. An excessive number of anaerobic bacteria causes them to cross the tissue barrier and enter the bloodstream by exposing us to diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, or pathologies such as atherosclerosis. ”

Various research has shown that nutrition rich in meat increases the level of these microorganisms.

The study by experts and professors found that the percentage of anaerobic bacteria in the dental plaques of the ancestors was very low compared to the current Indians (100 times less).

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