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Early Pregnancy Symptoms That Might Surprise You!

Pregnancy itself can be a surprise, whether it’s planned or unplanned. You need to pay extra attention to you and the tiny little one inside you

Strict attention to your diet, exercise and several other do and don’ts needs to be implemented by you for the excellent health of you and your baby. While you do these, there other surprises in store for you during early pregnancies. Here are some of them.

  1. Severe mood swings: Women in their early pregnancies, may suffer from rollercoaster emotions. They may feel irritated, sad, weepy, giddy, angry or all at the same time. These server mood swings can be attributed to the changing hormonal levels and medications and occur mostly during the first trimester.
  1. Urination and discharge problems: During pregnancy, your uterus naturally enlarges and makes a little room for the bladder. This can make you urinate more frequently. Also, you might get milk discharges from the vagina. Panty liners can save you and your clothes from all these discharges from ‘down there’.
  1. Bleeding: Now that you are confirmed that you have missed your periods and you are pregnant, there are no chances of those 5-6 days bleeding. But, you might bleed a little during early pregnancy. This happens mostly during implantation as the embryo attaches itself to the uterine wall and this is called implantation bleeding. But, bleeding can also be the sign of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. Consult a doctor if you bleed during your early pregnancy.
  1. Change of your bra size: Your breasts prepare themselves for breastfeeding activity and thus enlarge and become sensitive. Also, a little surprise is that your rib cage also expands. Why? Because your body needs more oxygen for you and your baby and thus to increase the lung capacity, the rib cage expands. All these changes will make it feel the need to change your cup size and band size of your bra.
  1. Some foods are off your menu: Certain foods like milk, cheese, meat, junk foods like hot dogs, fruits like papaya, litchi and many others are far from your list for an extended period. Some foods can be consumed in some limits, but you need to bid farewell to almost all the delicious dishes temporarily. Follow the diet plan given by your doctor and stick to it strictly for a smooth and healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a great joy for all the mothers even though it’s a little painful. Taking proper care of yourself during the first trimester is very important since chances of miscarriage are high during the first three months. Also, these early pregnancy symptoms might surprise you initially, but you will cope with these faster. Consult your gynecologist if you feel very uneasy or bleed severely.

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