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Does Drinking Lemon Water Really Provides incredible Health Benefits?

Everyone is so obsessed with drinking lemon water these days, and this has become a trending topic everywhere

People from Hollywood to business and even the ordinary people have a craze for starting their day with lemon water may it be cold, hot or lukewarm. Drinking lemon water is considered to have a lot of health benefits. Some say that it makes the skin glow, helps in digestion, increases our immunity and some say that it dramatically aids in weight loss.

Does this cheap and readily made-at-home drink truly has many health benefits? Some registered dieticians are asked to break down the so-called benefits of lemon water.

  1. Improves digestion?

The fact that drinking a glass of lemon water every morning improves digestion is not always correct. After eight long hours of sleep, drinking a glass of lemon water in the morning is said to yield significant benefits. But the fact is the water part of it needs to get the credit for the incredible health benefits of lemon water). People don’t take much water, and when they consume a glass of water on a daily basis (with or without a slice of lemon), it decreases constipation and improves digestion.

  1. Helps in weight loss?

It is a popular belief that drinking lemon water reduces body weight, but there are no such studies that can prove this till date. When people start the ‘lemon water’ regime, they usually replace other high-calorie beverages like coffee, juices, etc. And this step cuts the extra calories they get from these beverages. The water of any kind- hot, cold, warm, flavored or lemon water can help you in weight loss with no unique attribution to lemon water..

  1. Makes the skin glow?

People attribute special credits to lemon water consumption for the skin benefits they get. But here again, the ‘water’ part of lemon water does the magic. Water is considered to be a magical fluid having great many health benefits. It detoxifies the body and maintains proper blood circulation by the help of which our skin tightens and glows brightly.

  1. Provides immunity?

Though lemon contains Vitamin C which is considered to boost up our immunity, the content of Vitamin C in lemon is too low that it can be neglected. Lemon juice contains only 1mg of Vitamin C (or 4mg if even the pulp is consumed) against the 75-90gm of Vitamin C requirement by an adult per day. So a glass of lemon water doesn’t cover 1% of the daily requirement of Vitamin C.

So having read these truths behind the miracles of lemon water, you can still consume it in whichever way you want but don’t expect it to give you magical results. High intake of lemon water may cause irritations in the stomach leading to heartburn and the acidity content of it can irritate the gums, and weaken the enamel in our teeth. Better sip it through a straw of you still believe it has incredible health benefits.

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