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Dash Diet – Most Popular and Best Possible Diet

DASH diet is a diet that helps you to decide how to make healthy choices for the rest of your life

It teaches a healthy lifestyle option for you and overall improves your health. It is not designed for weight loss, but, it surely helps you in losing weight. DASH diet is all about eating healthy and cutting on processed food which ultimately helps you to consume lesser calorie food, thus reduces your weight.

Who should try Dash Diet?

Anyone who has issues with hypertension should try this diet since it helps with all the problems related to heart, lungs, and blood. Even those who have a history of hypertension, heart ailments or stroke should try this diet to improve their health. The diet will work to lower your blood pressure. Folks who are consuming more processed food, trans fats, and sugar need to try this diet to improve their overall weight.

What’s on and off the menu?

It is a known fact that food which increases blood pressure also increases weight. Once you remove those food items from your diet, you are bound to lose weight. The diet stimulates weight loss rapidly as compared to other diets or specifically the low-calorie diets.

What to Eat?

The diet is simple and very flexible, and it allows the consumption of whole food like vegetables, fruits, whole grains along with fat-free dairy products, fish, eggs, beans, legumes, nuts and vegetable oil like the olive oil. All the food items mentioned above trigger weight loss and improve health too.

This diet does not exclude starch because doing so makes the diet as unsustainable and cannot be followed for extended periods.

Low carb diets set a real hard limit to carbs and thus make it difficult to follow, and the goal is not achieved. Another fact is that these diets are not practical as per our lifestyle since grains will be consumed and once the diet is stopped weight gain is bound to occur. But the same is not with DASH diet. More than a diet, it is a lifestyle adaption.

What to avoid?

The diet only limits processed foods, excess intake of fats, sugar, trans fat, and sodium. Eliminating processed food resolves the excess consumption of fats, sugar, and sodium.

This diet does not limit the intake of carbs, but it excludes processed foods and also extra processed food. Thus it includes food that is rich in nutrition and improves the heart health and any issues with blood pressure. Lowering the intake of salt can reduce the chances of heart attack and problems of blood pressure.

The science behind the DASH diet is that it focuses on what you eat rather than on the quantity of what you eat. If you desire rapid weight loss when on this diet along with the elimination of processed food, sugar, salt, and fats. Try to eat controlled portions of food, to reduce the consumption of calories, thus reduces weight.

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