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Can Eating for your Blood Type Diet help you Lose Weight?

Weight loss, maintaining your weight, eating the right type of food is all correlated. You exercise and eat the right amount of food when you notice that you are putting on a lot of weight

You eat the right amount of food, and your calories and nutrients intake depend on your body type. But have you ever heard that your eating habits also depend on your blood type? This is called the “blood type diet.”

You may have never eaten anything that depends on your blood group. Your eating habit is correlated with your blood group type. This means that if your food and nutrient intake are according to your blood group type, this will also help you maintain your weight or in other words, you can say that eating as per what your blood group demands will help you lose weight. But how far is this statement true?

Let’s study in this article that eating for your blood group type will help you lose weight. And if you do not know your blood group yet, this is the best reason to find out.

Blood type diet is that diet which is related to what your body demands and what foods are best suited to your body chemistry. Most people think that eating as per your blood type will always be helpful to maintain a balanced weight. Many people also say that this combination of food intake also lowers the level of bad cholesterol and also lowers risk of various chronic diseases?

The basic rule is as follows:

Different blood types, hence different food requirements!

Just like each one of us is different, our body needs and food intake is also different. So you need to eat right for your blood type. A naturopathic doctor named Peter D’ Adamo founded out the basics of eating the right food and keeping the proper diet as per your Blood Type. The underlying theory is that your blood type is a significant genetic factor that influences many areas of your health. So once you know it, you can supposedly eat the right amount of food and exercise in a proper manner that will help you be the healthiest version of yourself. This theory proves in itself that eating according to your blood type will naturally help you lose weight; instead, it will also help you maintain a healthy version of yourself.

But how will you know that which type would require what and how much food intake?

Your diet is broken up by blood types. Different blood groups require different food intake; thus different are their nutrient intake. Your doctor or naturopathic will guide you according to your blood group type and the right amount of food intake. But here are some common recommendations for you.

Type A is supposed to:

  • Follow a strict vegetarian diet
  • Should eat lots and lots of green and leafy veggies
  • Should consume nutritive food like fresh fruits and organic lentils
  • Should also exercise regularly and perform yogas to lower the stress levels

Type B should:

  • Avoid white meat which is called chicken. This will increase their weight. Avoiding chicken also reduces your risk of heart strokes.
  • Type B should eat goat, lamb, mutton and eggs.
  • Should consume low-fat dairy products. This will also lower the risk of strokes.
  • Eat food like whole lentils, wheat, buckwheat, peanuts, corns, lots of tomatoes.
  • Should perform heavy duty exercises like martial arts and regular cycling that would keep them mentally and physically fit.

Type O should:

  • Because type O blood group people have a higher level of stomach acids, which when combined with food can lead to bodily inflammation. They should avoid simple carbohydrates and grains.
  • Should eat fresh fruits.
  • Should also do heavy cardiovascular exercises and a right amount of regular running.

Is this helpful in losing weight?

Given that diet recommends all the blood types to follow a set pattern and should avoid junk/processed food; if you eat pretty well and in a right manner that your body demands, you will inevitably lose weight in a proper ratio. Get this right and simple!

If you eat the right amount of food that is required by your blood group type and body, you will inevitably lead to a very healthy lifestyle. Real foods put you and your bodily structure on such regime that is beneficial for you and your body.

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