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Best Muscle Food For Men

It is as simple as – if you are healthy, there is no battle between your mind and body

This is like that you are actually happy from within where your mind does not control you. This is the only reason I personally believe in fitness. Keeping your body fit means that you are ultimately keeping your mind free from all sorts of rubbish entering it. And when your mind is at ease, you will rock it. My belief is that investing in your body and mind is the biggest investment one should make. This is a necessity not just for your body but for your mind as well. However, some people do not get this right. This is the reason that neither they are fit nor happy. A happy lot will always have a healthy mind and body.

The constant crib and the want and the desire for something or the other will make you loose on your bundle of joy and happiness. When you constantly crib and do not de-stress yourself or your mind, you will not be a happy you. The best medicine for de-stressing yourself is good food that you eat. Eat healthy, and eat right to remain healthy and fit. Or you can also work out and hit the gym in pursuit of your wellness. Building abs and sculpting and toning your muscles begin well in advance even before you hit the gym. A leisure walk in the park is also as good as hitting the gym. But your muscles definitely require more than just the walks and the runs.

If walking and running have been a daily part of your regime, then its time to add this extra zest to your work out regime and make it more happening. Your muscles require more than just the walks. You need lots of fluids to keep your abs going strong. Only exercising and running wouldn’t be enough for making your muscles strong and keeping your abs in shape. A lot more is needed for both. Fluids and energy drinks and high protein diets along with lifting weights is the core requirement of making your abs and muscles. The right formula of diet along with the right amount of food intake will surely sculpt your body and physique.

List of food men can eat to gain muscles

  • Fruits – lots and lots of fruits those are rich in energy, rich in fiber and minerals from the base of your diet. Fruits intake is as important to tone your body just as walking.
  • Vegetables – the mains of your diet. Eat lots and lots of green leafy vegetables; they are rich in protein which is badly required by your body for the muscular growth.
  • Low-fat products – consume dairy products that are low in fatty acids. Try not to consume high carb dairy products. If you’re a milk lover, try to consume skimmed milk. Skimmed milk is low in fat and rich in nutrition and calcium. You can also opt for yogurt during the day if you are lactose intolerant.
  • Eggs – egg whites are entirely rich in proteins. Avoid consuming yolk of the eggs; they are rich in fat and carbohydrates which may not give enough strength to your abs and muscles. Egg whites are the only thing that should be consumed if you are a die-hard fitness freak.
  • Dark/red meat – the fact is totally unknown that red chicken, as compared to white chicken contains lots of iron and zinc which is very good for your body and your immunity system.

Other than these, dried nuts, beans and legumes to are an important food that is required by your body for a better immunity. Such food contains multivitamins, protein, iron, healthy fat, antioxidants and fiber which is again very essential for your body and acts as an immunity booster.

  • Immunity Badao – Bimari Bhagao