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Aromatherapy: Orange

Oranges were considered symbols of fruitfulness, and the Greeks called them the “golden apple of the Hesperides.” The god Zeus is said to have given an orange to his bride Hera at their wedding.

They are rich in vitamins A, B, and C, flavonoids, and minerals.

Main constituents of orange: Limonene (up to 90 percent), with aldehydes, citral, citronellal, geraniol, methyl anthranilate, and terpineol

Aroma of orange: It has a perky, lively, and distinctively orange scent. The related tangerine is brighter and sweeter, while petit grain is harsher, sharper, and considerably more herby or “green.”

Therapeutic great properties of orange: Sedative; relieves muscle spasms, cramping, and indigestion

Health enhancer orange aroma: Orange’s greatest claim to aromatherapy fame is its ability to affect moods and to lower high blood pressure. In fact, just sniffing it lowers blood pressure a couple points. It is also a good adjunct treatment for irregular heartbeat. Research at International Flavours and Fragrances, Inc., in USA found that orange also reduces anxiety.

Although not as antibiotic as lemon, it still has some value in fighting flu, colds, and breaking up congested lymph, especially when added to massage oil. The aroma of oranges is a favourite of children, and they will usually be more enthusiastic about an aromatherapy treatment when it is included. Also use the massage oil to ease about of indigestion or overcome a light case of insomnia or depression. Cosmetically it is good for oily complexions, although essential oils with more sophisticated fragrances are preferred.

Warnings about orange: The oil is only slightly photosensitizing, but still go easy in baths or any skin preparations since it can burn the skin — just 4 drops in a bathtub can be enough to irritate and redden sensitive skin. Related oils such as that of tangerine or mandarin (C. Reticulata) are milder and safer choices for pregnant women and very young children.

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