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A High Protein Diet Is Beneficial Or Not?

Proteins are the building blocks of a human’s life. Without a protein-rich diet, nothing in the human body will work

So to make your organs and other body parts work as per your instruction, a healthy nutritious diet is essential.

It is not only the fad diet people are tuning into a healthy lifestyle by consuming more and more protein and fibers in their diet but also the celebrities, the sportsmen, women and children, the teenagers and the youngsters – are all aware of a protein-rich and healthy diet plan. The only and only reason is to maintain their natural weight and their diet. After all, its the diet that will help you keep yourself fit and fabulous.

As we all know that proteins make up the essential part of the human body; DNA. Proteins are formed by 20 different amino acids, nine of which are called “essential amino acids”. This means that we can only obtain these by eating rich and healthy food. These amino acids join together to form protein, and it is the different sequences in which they form that makes up the different and unique strands of DNA.

What is the work of Amino Acid?

Amino acid acts in many ways in our body:

  • Provides proper structure for the body
  • It is important to note that amino acid acts as hormones that regulate physiological processes such as growth and development, and responses of the nervous system
  • Provides contractions of muscles to produce movement
  • Supports your immune system
  • Transporting vital substances such as oxygen in the blood and
  • Supports digestion through enzymatic reactions

What are the protein-rich foods?

This is a fundamental theory for proteins. It is fundamentally broken into two parts, or in other words, you can say that it has two branches:

  • Plant protein
  • Animal protein

It is essential to understand that not all the substitutes provide a perfect amount of protein – though it is said that the non-vegetarian diet includes a high amount of protein. For example, a lamb or chicken chop contains only 25 to 30% of protein. This amount is always and anyways higher than protein present in plant proteins.

Health risks related to a high protein rich diet

There is a number of health risks associated with a high protein-diet.

Your kidney might get affected due to a high intake of protein rich diet.

Eating protein that is high in saturated fat, such as lamb, bacon, beef and ham, as well as cheese. Saturated fat can increase blood levels of cholesterol, and can lead to heart disease.

Also, animal protein is acidic, and when consumed for over a prolonged period can cause the urine to become too acidic. This might also lead to kidney stones in the future.

Another calculated risk factor is your bines getting weaker and weaker. A high protein diet may cause the acidic impurities to settle on your bones gradually. This can cause your bones to become weak and break easily resulting in a higher chance of fractures.

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