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A Brief About Winter Post-Natal Depression

Winters may be happy for some but gloomy for others, especially if you are about to give birth to a baby

But many researchers say that winters can be the best days of pregnancy, and if you are a new mother, it is the best time of your pregnancy.

What is Post Natal Depression?

It is the depression suffered by a new mother following the birth of a child. Stimulation of several hormones causes this. Or you can say that hormonal imbalances are one of the man causes of Post Natal Depression. Any specific reason does not define this, nor there is any explicit or defined starting or ending time. It can arise at any point of your pregnancy and carries on till your childbirth – hence the name Post Natal Depression.

What are its Symptoms?

There is no specific symptom for this depression. General symptoms include tension or anxiety. Many times it is seen that the new mothers get this feeling of guilt and regret that they could have managed their first pregnancy better than their current situation. On the other hand, others do not feel the bond of love or attachment with their fetus or baby within them.

Pregnant women can get confused too that what is happening to them. Almost every new mother experiences this who are either in the early stage of their pregnancies or have just delivered their babies.

  1. Feeling irritable or annoyed easily.
  2. Feeling miserably low and many females also feel like crying for no reasons. And then they are quiet all of a sudden.
  3. Sleep disturbances besides those of healthy pregnancies.
  4. Getting a feeling of worthlessness and uselessness.
  5. n many extreme cases, as the researches have shown that some females have obtained suicidal thoughts as well.

What Do The Theories Say About It?

Several researches were done, and they are still undergoing to know more about Postnatal Depression and its origin. But nothing concrete has been found.

  1. Theories say that those who are likely to give birth for the first time during early winters, winters or even spring are less likely to suffer from this problem. You will feel overwhelmed to know about this. Like the saying goes – “being a new mom is a hard thing.” But it is not that hard too.
  2. You may not experience all the symptoms that are listed above. Symptoms differ from patient to patient. Postpartum depression is not the “one size fits all” kind of thing. Different women have different pregnancies, and so are their issues.
  3. It is entirely possible that your experience may also include just one or two symptoms or probably not even a single; thus it can get difficult to diagnose sometimes.
  4. Many females are seen having a postnatal depression symptom that lasts only for a day or two. There are bad days, and then there are good ones. So you cannot say confidently that postpartum depression symptoms are the bad days of your pregnancy. So you enjoy every single day of your pregnancy.
  5. Link your depression with indoor activities with your kids so that you avoid getting pray to your depression. The more you think, more you will feel giddy. So the best option is to get involved in activities.

But if you notice even a slightest of the symptom, or if you notice something that you know is not your nature’ it is time that you consult your gynecologist. It is better not to avoid these symptoms.

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