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Children can be very fussy about foods and the thought of  ‘what to feed them’ can bother you all the time

While serving them convenient and readymade foods is quite easy and appease them because they can be super tasty, but they are a kind of poison for them. You might not know some foods are very detrimental to your child’s health.

Here are some of those foods listed below:


Frozen and packaged raw foods like chicken nuggets, fish sticks, etc. have very high content of saturated fats, sodium and a great number of preservatives which are quite unhealthy for the child. They may sometimes contain low quality meat and fish, etc. which may put your child to various gastrointestinal disorders. These type of frozen foods have high levels of fat and calorie content, and you should keep your children away from frozen foods.


Although there are some conceptions, that raw milk is very nutritious, yet pasteurized milk is more beneficial, especially for children. Intake of raw milk can lead to food-related illness, and thus you should avoid serving this to your children.


If you think granola bars are a healthy and fast snack for children, then you are ruining your child’s health by feeding them this. Most of the granola bars offer little nutrients and very high levels of sugar. They have a little fiber and protein content and are almost like eating a sugary candy. Instead of serving them granola bars from the market, try to make them at home. Use fresh and real nuts, fruits, and very less amount of added sugar to make healthy homemade granola bars and serve your children with love.


Sports drinks, as the name says, are only for sports purposes. These contain high sugar content and is used to give instant energy to the sportspersons. Keep your child away from instant sports drinks. Even if your child has just finished a race, don’t get them into the habit of drinking sports drinks. Let them have the habit of drinking water and getting energy from it.


Sauces contain a very high level of fats and calories and when served with fried and fast foods add a lot of extra calories to your child’s body. They increase the chance of your child being obese. Avoid serving dipping sauces on your child’s plate or if you serve them with it, make a fixed small quantity of it. Leave the bad habit of giving the whole bottle to them to make their own choice of quantity.


Fruit snacks like fruits rolls, jellies, fruit drinks are ‘fake fruit’ and only sugar. The fruit drinks claiming to have ‘real fruits added’ are nothing but a lot of fruit flavors, sugars, and preservatives. These are pretty unhealthy and add to the extra fat. Keep your child away from consuming fruit snacks frequently.  Instead, you may choose the healthy way to feed them with real fresh fruits and homemade fruit juices.

  1. SODA

No real nutrients you get by drinking a glass of soda. The high sugar content in soda only contribute to obesity and type 1 diabetes in your child. Your child may be attracted towards the colorful soda cans selling soda in a variety of flavors, but educate them about their ill-effects.

Thus, now when you are well aware of the ill-effects that these easy-to-serve foods give, you should be more careful in lowering the frequency of these foods being served to your child. Help them to develop the habit of eating healthy and mostly homemade foods. Monitoring wisely your child’s health can save them from acquiring lifelong diseases like diabetes, obesity, etc.

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