Healthy Habits Myth Busters

5 Popular Nutrition Myths Busted!

There is a lot of confusion about eating the right amount of nutrition. From breakfast till night, everyone is concern about eating the right food in proper quantity

A lot of chaos related to what one should eat or what not.

Here, we are trying to cut through the confusion and bust some of the common nutrition myths.

Myth 1: Breakfast is most important

In our childhood, we were told that every meal is essential, especially the breakfast. Our mom’s used to tell us about the importance of breakfast.

No doubt that breakfast is necessary but at the same time keeping an intermittent fast is also important. You do not actually know that your body requires more calories once you wake. Studies have shown that those who skip their breakfast tend to eat more calories throughout the day.

As we all know that calories provide us the energy to work. But there are actual evidences that prove that intermittent fasting has better results on your body as compared to eating breakfast regularly. But this comes with practice. Although it is highly not recommended that you should skip meals without any expert’s advice.

Myth 2: Alcohol is terrible for your health

We all have grown up hearing this – “regular alcohol consumption is bad for your health.” Obviously, it is! But not all alcohols are harmful to you.

Researchers have shown that moderate consumption of wine and red wines are entirely safe and it can also provide cardiovascular effects. Wine contains a compound called polyphenols. These are nothing but a bunch of antioxidants that neutralize radicals which are caused by overeating fried food.

So now you can say that wine is undoubtedly a good thing to consume but in moderation.

Myth 3: Do not eat too many eggs a day

Since eggs contain cholesterol, it is said that eggs should not be consumed in summers, as they tend to increase your cholesterol levels.

There were many researches that were carried out to prove this to be true. But nothing much was revealed. Thus, it is entirely safe to eat more than one egg a day in any season.

This comes as good news for all the egg lovers.

Myth 4: Consuming food that contain carbohydrate makes you fat

Rubbish! There are two types of carbohydrates just like there are two types of diabetes. Type one carbohydrate inevitably increases your blood sugar levels as it is increased by consuming foods like pasta, white bread, cold drinks, etc. These are high glycaemic carbohydrates and harmful for you if consumed in excess.

However, the same does not imply with low glycaemic carbohydrate. They do not increase your blood sugar levels. Thus, one can eat brown bread, whole wheat grain foods, etc. without worrying much about the carbs.

Myth 5: Too much of chocolate is not good

Again a very common myth as said by our elders. Just like alcohol, the same is with the type of chocolate you eat.

White and milk chocolate contain an unusually high amount of sugar and saturated fat, which, if consumed in excess, is not good for you.

But the same is not right for chocolates that contain cocoa compounds. So all those who are in love with dark chocolates are surely winning the game.

These were some common myths which need to be debunked. Try doing something good and something new for your health.

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