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10 Signs of Excessive Sweating & It’s Reasons!!!

The process of releasing extra heat from the body is called sweating. The sweat glands release sweat on the surface of the skin which evaporates immediately helping to keep the body cool

If the body is heated up more the body produces sweat faster than it can evaporate and we can actually see the droplets of sweat on the skin.  Foreheads, lower back, underarms are a few places that sweat excessively because of exercise, hot weather, stress or anxiety.

Let’s explore a few reasons that might make you aware of your excessive sweating.

  • Hyperhidrosis- It is a medical condition which causes unpredictable excessive sweating at any time and for absolutely no reason. Sweating can affect the whole body because of hyperhidrosis or and be limited to certain areas of the body like the hand, feet or the face. The reason for hyperhidrosis occurring is still not known but can be a serious health condition. Consult your doctor immediately.
  • More sweat glands- A person is likely to sweat more if has more sweat glands than an average person has. More sweat glands result in more sweating.
  • Diet– Eating habits and your diet play an important role in the amount of you are sweating. For example, Capsaicin is a chemical commonly found in spicy foods which results in a lot of sweating. Apart from spicy food, there are other foods to be blamed for heavy sweat like processed fatty food, coffee, energy drinks, alcohol, high sodium foods. These foods greatly contribute to excessive sweating. If one’s diet contains high amounts of the above food will experience high levels of sweat.
  • High temperatures and high humidity– You’re likely to sweat heavily on hot humid days. The sweat glands cool down by passing out sweat secretion because of the hot and humid weather. This allows the body to keep its cool and avoid overheating. Living in a hot climate results in more sweating. It is advised to wear loose and breathable clothes in this kind of climate, which would absorb the sweat easily.
  • High stress and anxiety- You may find yourself drenched in sweat if you are into heavy workouts or out in the sunny afternoon. You may also sweat because of stress. Remember the moment of your first date, interview, a big presentation or an unnerving proposal. This situation makes you nervous, anxious and stressed. Our bodies are put on high alert because of stress which activates our flight reaction and increases a blood flow, heart rate, body temperature and sweat output. High-stress situations which cause sweating are completely normal and healthy.
  • Physical exertion and exercise- When you take to strenuous exercising and high rate of activity you are likely to sweat more. Health and fitness have an important role in your sweating.
  • Pregnancy- A pregnant woman may face weird food cravings and mood swings during pregnancy. Pregnancy may increase sweat production because of increased hormone levels, physical metabolism and blood flow through the body. The hormone levels of a pregnant woman are regulated and tend to shed the stored water weight resulting in more sweating.
  • Menopause- The common symptoms of Menopause are hot flashes and night sweats. Menopause involves a lot of hormonal changes which results in heavy sweating. Therefore we can say that changing hormonal levels results in more sweating.
  • Diabetes- it is C that people with diabetes tend to sweat more there are a couple of reasons for the same diabetic people tend to be overweight which means more work and more sweat the second reason is that this when the sugar levels are hi for a longer period of time there is a loss of nerve function. In this process, the Sweat gland nerves can also be damaged and are unable to communicate clearly with the Sweat glands mixed messages lead to excessive sweating.
  • Puberty- As we have discussed above excess hormonal changes in a body can lead to excessive sweating. Puberty is one stage when the body experiences hormonal changes, body growth and a rush of new emotions leading to stress and anxiety which altogether result in heavy sweating. With extra sweat, we can say puberty really hits hard.

So we know that sweating being a natural process of the body can be increased because of a few unavoidable situations occurring in our body. A little care taken would help us solve the problem of heavy sweat.

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